Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Companies I Love" Series

Hundreds of interesting, successful and enterprising businesses are thriving even in our current economic times. These firms often illustrate sound economic principles, but more importantly, many successful companies use new and intriguing business practices. These practices challenge our understanding and teach us more about the world. Because we can learn so much from these companies and because I love learning, these are Companies I Love.

Each Companies I Love post will explore a different innovative business practice or interesting company. Despite the name of the series, my primay goal with Companies I Love is to describe why these innovative companies make us all better off, and therefore why they deserve our love (or more mildly, "respect"). For example, it is not all together obvious what drives Google to provide many free services, or why Pandora undertook the Music Genome Project.

People all-too-often get caught up in profit margins, stock prices, and credit ratings. Instead, we should ask what companies do and how they do it. If the answer surprises and encourages us, then that's a company we can love.

Which companies do you love? If you have ideas for Companies I Love, please let me know. It could never hurt to have more suggestions!

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