Saturday, May 30, 2009

Poll: Climbing a tree for a nut

For this week's Empirical Poll, I am asking you, the reader, about something I recently read. Here are some excerpts from this "work:"
Consider a tropical island with many people. Individuals walk along the beach looking for palm trees. Each tree has one nut. [...] There is a taboo on eating nuts one has picked oneself.[...] Having picked a nut, the individual looks for someone with money to whom to sell the nut. [...] Having sold his inventory, the individual goes shopping with the money received. After completing a purchase, the individual goes back to searching for short trees.
My question to you is, "Where did I read this passage?"

(a) A children's book. A story about sharing nuts.
(b) A top economics journal. Economists are nutty.
(c) Paul Krugman's blog. Some economists are nuttier than others.
(d) Rush Limbaugh said it. He's really nutty.
(e) Nowhere. Anything this stupid had to be self-produced.

Some of you know the actual answer. If you do, please vote, but refrain from spoiling the fun for other readers by posting the answer in the comments! I will provide the answer next Saturday when I post another poll.

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