Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poll Results

This post documents (in reverse chronological order) the results of the Weekly Empirical Poll. As new results come in, I'll update this post. For now, here are the questions and the results:

What is your Michael Jackson ticket reservation price? 11 said $0, 8 said $25, 1 said $50, 2 said $100, and 2 said greater than $1000.

What's your reaction to University Market closing? 5 said "good riddance," 3 said "this is horrible," 12 said "no downside," and 5 said "I'm puzzled."

Poll: What would you choose? 5 said Trick, 5 said Snickers, 2 said Kit Kat, 2 said Smarties.

Poll: How much cash do you keep on your person? 1 said $5, 10 said $25, 3 said $75, and one said $200.

Poll: What is your reaction to President Obama's Peace Prize? Two said "Proud," 11 said "Confused," 7 said "Hopeful," and 3 said "Angry."

Poll: What do you trust? Four said "individuals," Two said "government," 12 said "incentives," and one said "the media."

Poll: Would you refund your textbook royalties to your students? 10 said "no," 6 said "yes."

Poll: Have you ever ordered at a restaurant only to discover you forgot the money to pay? 8 said "no," 9 said "yes." It's more common than I thought (at least among the people who responded).

Poll: What is this video to you? 4 said "inspirational call to service," 2 said "thought-provoking public service announcement," 1 said "harmless enviro-fluff," and 17 said "leftist propaganda."

Poll: What do you do when a friend asks for help moving? 15 said "help him," 2 said "get out of it", and 2 said "lecture him"

Poll: What would you do? Do you tell your sales associate about a misapplied discount if silence benefits you $25? 23 said no; 14 said yes.

Poll: Willis or Sears Tower? If you went to the tower, what would you say? 15 said Sears Tower; 4 said Willis Tower; And, 5 said "lost my glasses."

Poll: What's your favorite popular economics book? 8 said Freakonomics; 2 said More Sex is Safer Sex; One said The Logic of Life; One said Create Your Own Economy. My favorite is The Logic of Life. It's worth a read.

Poll: Is there such thing as a free lunch? 36 said no; 16 said yes.

Poll: Mankiw versus Krugman. Who would win in a joust? 576 voted for Mankiw, 143 voted for Krugman.

Poll: How much should the President make? Two said $1, six said $400K, four said the median household income and no one said it should be tied to performance.

Poll: Where did I read this? 13 said Chicago (2009), 4 said South Africa (1999) and none said either Soviet Union (1989) or China (1979). Most of you were right.

Poll: Why turn down $25? 3 said scam, 6 said hassle, 2 said sounds like a good idea, and 4 said I already have an ING Direct account. It's not a scam, but I can understand why someone would think that.

Poll: Do police make you feel safe? 9 said Yes; 7 said No. Close call.

Poll: How do you commit to losing weight? 7 said "use silent willpower," 2 said "tell your friends," 4 said sabotage your car, and one said post a bond. Kristi had the best (and only) comment.

Poll: What attracts you to Chicago? 7 readers said "go to the ballpark," 5 said "explore downtown," 3 said "explor the museums," and one said "enjoy the lake."

Poll: Seatbelts -- What's your policy? Do you wear a seatbelt? Why or why not? 11 readers said "Yes. Belting up saves lives," two said "Yes. To avoid tickets," and three said "No. I rationally choose not to buckle up."

Climbing a tree for a nut: I asked where I read a passage about climbing a tree to get a nut. Six of you got it right that I read that in a top economics journal, two thought I read it in a children's book, and one thought I made it up.

Can time travelers change history? Inspired by Lost, 8 people said Yes, 7 people said no.

What do you do when it rains? Run from place to place won with 5 votes, grab an umbrella got 3 votes, and put on some raingear earned 2 votes.

How often do you do laundry? Every two weeks won with 6 votes, followed closely by "when the underwear runs out" with 5 votes. Weekly got 3 votes and no one voted for doing laundry daily.

Were you surprised, enchanted, humbled, or troubled? by Barack Obama's response to the same question. Four were troubled, one was humbled, two were surprised, none were enchanted.

Where is the better place for a carriage ride? Chicago (9 votes) defeated Montana (8 votes)

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