Saturday, June 6, 2009

Poll: Seatbelts -- What's your policy?

On Thursday, I gave the case for spending less time and less of our taxes on convincing ordinary people to wear their seatbelts. Writing that post made me wonder about how pervasive seatbelt evasion is. If most people buckle up already, that's just another reason to think that the "Click it or ticket" ad campaign is a complete waste.

Given this background, here's the Question of the Week:

Do you use your seatbelt? Why or why not?

(a) Yes. It's the law.
(b) Yes. Buckling up saves lives.
(c) No. I drive safely anyway. It isn't that much of a risk.
(d) No. But would if I saw an advertisement
(e) No. I never consider the consequences of my actions.

If you have other reasons to buckle up or to avoid buckling up (i.e., "my mom makes me buckle up"), please share them in the comments. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.

As always, the poll is open for a week. It closes next Saturday 13 June 2009 at noon, Chicago time. Vote early, vote often, get your friends to vote, tweet about voting, retweet about voting, get your followers to vote, etc. and so on...

*** There was an issue with the original poll, which forced people to vote for "Yes. Buckling up saves lives." I reset the poll, and now the poll runs until Tuesday 16 June 2009 at 1 pm, Chicago time. ***

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