Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Avoid doing this...

As I stood in line to pay for my sandwich today, I got an unintentional life lesson. Here's the story:

The woman in front of me had a sandwich, some chips and a bottle of water. The woman handed the cashier her credit card. Then the cashier entered the prices into the register; the total came to $8.25.

WOMAN: "That was supposed to be $5 for the combo."
CASHIER: "Sorry. The combo is with the fountain pop."
WOMAN: "Well... the soda machine is not working."

**Note: I was standing there with a medium fountain pop, properly filled.**

CASHIER: "I can't give the discount myself, but I can call a manager."
WOMAN: "Whatever! Just give me my card."

The cashier gave the woman her card back. The woman and cashier stand there. Then,

WOMAN: "Didn't you run it?"
WOMAN: "Ugh"

The woman gave her card back to the cashier. The cashier charged the card and handed the woman her card and a slip to sign for the payment.

WOMAN: "This is ridiculous!"

The woman walked off with her food.

Life advice for today: Life's too short to be that rude. Whatever you do, don't ever treat another human being like that. There's no excuse.

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