Friday, July 10, 2009

The Carnival of Economic Fun

Here's announcing the Carnival of Economic Fun.

You need not be an economist to apply, but you should have an appreciation for the Freakonomics ideas in our lives. Economist or not, you have ideas about what makes your world tick. If you've written about it and you think what you've written is fun and insightful, this carnival is for you.

At the Carnival of Economic Fun, I appreciate everyday ideas and, if your material is interesting enough, I'll put them on display.

The next (and first) carnival will take place on August 19, 2009. Please send your submissions to by midnight on August 12, 2009. You can also use the submission form here.

Does your blog post have what it takes to make my carnival? Here are the criteria.

Your blog article should have...
1. Interesting insight into explaining why people do what they do,
2. Helpful tips to overcome common life problems
3. Fresh ideas on public policy like taxes, government spending, social or environmental regulations.
4. Good humor.

Your blog article should be...
1. Well written. If I can't read it easily, I won't link to it.
2. Short/to the point. No rants. If you submit a rant, don't expect a link.

In other words, I only link to good stuff. For a sampling of what I think is good, check out my own articles on this blog, or check out the blogs I currently link to in my five things I read today series. And, unless you have a really good reason, please submit only one article per person per carnival.

But, I have diverse interests. If you've written something that you think is fun and relates to everyday life, send it my way. I'm happy to take a look. And, who knows? Maybe it will be my favorite.