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Companies Tony Loves: Taste of Home

Today, we welcome back guest blogger, Shanna Cookson. In today's guest post, Shanna tells us why she loves Taste of Home. If you visit the Taste of Home website, you'll see why I have come to love Taste of Home, too! For people who enjoy good food, Taste of Home provides delicious recipes. For people who are looking to try out some new recipes, Taste of Home is a source of inspiration and support. Best of all, Taste of Home is innovative about providing great recipes. And, that's a recipe for a Company Tony Loves!

Companies Shanna Loves: Taste of Home by Shanna Cookson

Ever find yourself in a cooking rut? Whenever you cook a meal, does it seem that you just cooked that dish last week? Sure, we love our home-cooked casserole, but isn’t there something else we can eat? If you do much cooking at home, you likely find yourself wanting to try new recipes.

But, there are so many recipes out there. How are you to decide on just one? Even worse, new recipes come with a whole list of unknowns. Some chefs relish these unknowns, but most of us fear them. Around many households, new recipe night could be renamed new disaster night without any change in meaning. With so many recipes from which to choose and so many unknowns, how are we to avoid new disaster night and replace it with new favorite meal night?

Don’t worry. Taste of Home, this week’s company I love, has the solution.

Taste of Home is more than just a cookbook. It is a company that cultivates a sense of community where people can share favorite recipes. Taste of Home achieves community by giving “home economists” the incentive to reveal cooking tips, give demonstrations, and share their greatest kitchen disasters… and triumphs. Let’s take a closer look at why I love Taste of Home.

The Recipes. Taste of Home recipes are practical and use everyday ingredients you already have in your kitchen. On, you can search the recipes not only by course, but by specialty. For example, you can browse recipes relating to healthy meals, cooking for two, and holidays. Check out their website for a complete listing.

So you might be thinking, “Why would I use Taste of Home when my Betty Crocker cookbook has equally good recipes?” This is a great question! Taste of Home transcends your cooking because it is interactive. You can actually watch a professional demonstrate a cooking technique, which in turn, helps you create a tastier meal. Your Betty Crocker cookbook sitting on the shelf cannot give such advice.

Recipe Makeovers. In our household, Taste of Home’s “Recipe Makeovers” take the cake because the cooks take your favorite recipe and make it healthy. Our mouths water at the thought of Makeover Chicken Cheese Enchiladas and Makeover Velvet Shrimp.

The Videos. What better way to learn cooking techniques than with how-to cooking videos? At Taste of Home, there are hundreds of videos on topics that range from appetizers to decorating and entertaining. This video on easy napkin folding is a surefire way to dress up your table and impress your guests. You can even take an online tour of the Taste of Home test kitchen and the kitchens of home cooks just like you!

Online Group Discussions. Want to connect with others who have similar cooking interests? Well, now you can! From Budget Living to Secret Sisters Circle, Taste of Home’s online groups allow you chat about recipes while having fun and providing encouragement and friendship.

Contests. Who doesn’t love a chance to win? Taste of Home features eight national recipe contests with prizes up to $600. George Schroeder was the grand prize winner for this year’s Taste of Home America’s Best Loved Recipe Contest. The grand prize? $25,000 for his Gorgonzola Penne with Chicken. Taste of Home has an array of contest-winning recipes you and your family are sure to love.

Personalization and Convenience. Within seconds, you can create a Taste of Home account, which allows you to store recipes in your online recipe box. You can sort your recipes by category, tweak ingredients, and post comments about the recipe. You can even make your grocery list through your recipe box. How convenient!

So now you know why I love Taste of Home. Take a look at their website, try the recipes, and before you know it, you may be the next Julia Child or Emeril Lagasse. Even if you’re not, you will have a lifetime of delicious recipes and support in your culinary adventures. Bon Appetit!

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