Friday, July 24, 2009

Elements of Style: How to wear black and be fabulous

This week, we have another guest post from Shanna in her own The Elements of Style series. In last week's installment, Shanna gave some helpful tips on how to be stylish with a white button down shirt and a scarf. Today, she tackles the challenge of wearing all black. Black sounds boring, but Shanna shows that it can be more stylish than you think.

How to Wear All Black and Be Fabulous by Shanna Cookson

You might be thinking, “All black? Why would I ever want to dress in a monogamous color?” OK. You might not be thinking that, but really, black? Really! Black makes you look sophisticated and classy. It also scores some major bonus points for creating a slimmer silhouette.

Many department stores are adhering to an all-black dress code. If you work in such a field, nothing is chicer than wearing all black with great accessories. For those of you who remember last week’s Elements of Style post, I recommended wearing a scarf to achieve a chic and sophisticated look. But besides sporting your favorite scarf, you can even wear all black with bold, metallic jewelry. Gold or silver. Your choice. Just keep in mind that accessorizing is the key to making all-black attire look stunning.

Although wearing black is easy to achieve, be wary of these fashion pitfalls that happen to the best of us.

  • Always make sure the shade of black in your top and bottom match. If they are slightly different hues, remember to sport a scarf or fun jewelry to draw attention away from the varied black tones.
  • Remember texture. Just like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, similar fabrics like to stick together. Lightweight fabrics including silk, chiffon, and rayon should be worn together, while heavier fabrics such as wool, tweed, and chenille should stay in their own league.
  • Rock n’ ROLL. As much as I love black, it tends to show every piece of lint and pet hair. A quick fix is using this Mini Travel Lint Roller. It fits in your purse, is safe on all fabrics, and two pack is only $4.95!
Thanks for dropping by! Join me next week for a discussion of delicious denim. See you then.

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