Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Five things I read today -- 7/7

1. [Vid] Rock Cookie Bottom advice: Take Medium Steps
2. BBC: Mice say, "Coffee may reverse Alzheimer's" (via Brad Delong)
3. Don't Mess with Taxes: The 55th Tax Carnival (I'm in it)
4. [Vid] Windy Citizen top story yesterday: Out-of-control brawl at Taste of Chicago
5. Huffington Post: Pot Dealer Busted After Advertising Business On Craigslist

Note: With regard to the "out-of-control brawl," I suspect that opinions differ. If you grew up in Butte, it looks like a 5th grade fight (but between adults). If you hail from most other places, it probably looks out of control. I guess that's what I get for growing up in Butte.

Enjoy the links.

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