Saturday, July 11, 2009

Poll: Where did I read this?

This week's poll question is: What country/ era does the following quote describe?

I was there on Saturday night heading east from the southernmost point of the food area, walking by the porta-potties, when a stampede of terrified people crossed our path--they were definitely running north, away from something scary; I assumed a gun. My friends and I continued east after the mob had passed [...] 20-30 police in riot gear appeared on our left, broke off into formation, and started charging north, as did a bunch of blue lighted vehicles of some kind, which were closer to the lake shore. I assume they were going after the "melee" that has been mentioned.

It was memorable, as was the walk home [...]. Police were actively looking for certain individuals, and the atmosphere still felt relatively lawless despite such an intensely heavy police presence--cops with billie clubs in hand, SWAT teams, federal agents with machine guns--the whole bit. I couldn't wait to get home to check the news and internet to find out what had happened. The news reports bore little resemblance to what I had just seen.

Your options are:

(a) China in 1979
(b) The Soviet Union in 1989
(c) South Africa in 1999
(d) Chicago in 2009

Please vote before clicking on the link [here]. I want to know where you think these events fit in history. I'm not particularly interested in your getting the answer right.

But, once you vote, check it out. Tell your friends, local gang members, and your local riot officials to vote. The poll will be open for a week. The poll is on the sidebar. Happy voting!

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