Friday, July 17, 2009

Two of Shanna's Elements of Style

This week's installment of the Elements of Style series is a guest post by Mrs. Young Economist herself, Shanna Cookson. Aside from being a talented cook and a great photographer, Shanna also knows how to dress well. In today's post, Shanna shares a couple of her everyday style secrets. Take it away, Shanna!

Two Elements of Style: Everyday Fashions by Shanna Cookson

Do you ever find yourself style-challenged? When you walk into your closet or open your bureau drawers, do you find yourself muttering that you have nothing to wear? Truth be told, you have an array of clothing and oodles of sandals, pumps, and wedges, but what will make you feel like a million bucks? How can you solve this daily conundrum of what to wear?

Magazines flaunt the latest fashions, enticing us to purchase things we don’t really need. You want to look and feel stylish, but you also don’t want to break the bank on something that will go out of style in a few months. With so many clothing options out there, how do you decide which pieces will last a lifetime?

Worry no longer. Here are two stylish staples that look great on any body, fit any budget, and leave you looking classy.

The white button-down shirt. This is the most versatile piece every girl must have. Pair it with dark wash denim and boots for a night on the town, or wear it underneath a suit jacket for a day at the office. Many designers are even detailing the classic shirt with white embroidery and pleats. To make the white button-down shirt even more fun, wear a wide belt over the shirt with the buckle placed near your hip.

Where to Shop: Every store on the planet carries this wardrobe staple, and you can purchase it on any budget. Here are three places to snag your white button-down shirt:
  1. JCPenney carries a Worthington long sleeve French cuff shirt for only $21.99. You can even order it in a petite, tall, plus, or plus extended size.
  2. This cap-sleeve fitted blouse by Banana Republic is sure to please. On sale for $44.99, it is a great piece for a hot summer day.
  3. If you are craving high-end designer clothing, try Theory’s ‘Larissa-Luxe’ shirt. It is available at Nordstrom for $190.00. At least your sales lady gets commission. Cha-ching!

The Scarf. From silk to cotton to wool, scarves are an all-season wonder. With several fabrics and shapes from which to choose, there is always an occasion to wear a scarf. But, most of us don’t know how to tie a scarf aside from your basic knot. And for some people, basic equals BOR-ring. Here is a scarf-tying guide that is sure to please. For those of you who like to watch a video of how to tie a pashmina, here is an excellent clip.

For additional pictures and information about scarves, check out The Luxe Mix.

Now that you are armed with a little white button-down shirt and some scarf know-how, have fun! Experiment with belts, necklaces, and cuffs to create a look that is all your own. A personal touch – Now that’s stylish!

Stay tuned next week’s edition of Shanna’s Elements of Style. I’ll reveal a couple more of my secrets in my next post. See you then!

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