Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update: Magazine Subscription Math

On June 9th, I wrote a post about how our subscription to Money Magazine expired. On the magazine notifying us that "Our Money was running out," they attached a bright green scare-tactic cover that said "DON'T LOSE MONEY MAGAZINE" in bold yellow colors.

The image haunted my dreams, and it bothered me enough that I wrote a post about the strangeness of the ad campaign. I wrote the article well after we had trashed the magazine without reading it. At the time, I was dismayed that I couldn't share pictures of the magazine cover with you. But, much to my delight, when I checked the mail today, I found another magazine from Money with the same scare tactic ad.

When their first dose of bad advertising didn't work, they tried it again. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to take pictures this time around. And, no, we're not renewing our subscription.

Here's the cover:

Here's the back cover with the phrase that haunted me:

Here's the inside of the front cover:

In case you can't read that, here are the three steps:

1. Detach Renewal Savings Card on front
2. Check off number of MONEY issues you want to receive.
3. Mail your Savings Card TODAY!

And, that's how you get... "financial security"? No. That's how you spend $10 or $20 or $30 on sensationalistic financial advice. Sounds like a threat to my financial security. In my opinion, you have better ways to spend $30.

To Money Magazine's credit, acting on the advice inside the cover might help with financial security, but then again, maybe not -- given that the magazine wraps its advice in such ill-informed advertising.

And, lastly, the inside of the back cover.

It amuses me that their advertising is this dishonest (you can save by renewing for three years, but it costs you the same per year as a one year subscription), yet they still claim that what's inside the magazine is "worth more than the subscription price."

I think I'll save my money.

Update: This article is featured on the Economy and your Finances Carnival.

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