Sunday, August 16, 2009

Companies Tony Loves: A summary

Throughout the series of posts on companies I love, I fleshed out what precisely it is that is worthy of love in a market economy. Though the companies differed drastically, the principles behind being each loved company remain clear: innovation, good ideas, competition, and customer-orientation.

Here's an informal summary of how I classify the companies I love.

Innovation: Pandora, Google, Y Combinator, Mr. Ellie Pooh, The Windy Citizen

Good ideas: Young House Love, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Groupon, Lulu

Competition: Apple, Walmart, ING Direct

Customer-Orientation: Leonas, Taste of Home, The Leaf N Bean

Of course, these are just a few companies that exemplify these ideas. There are plenty more -- many more than I can exhibit in this space. At the same time, these companies do a good job speaking for the unmentioned ones. Despite all of the controversy that inevitably encumbers a specific case, these companies provide concrete examples of the good principles at work in the market. That's worth some attention and some praise. And, that was my intention with this series.

When some especially fresh inspiration comes to me, I'll write more, but I'm drawing the regular Sunday posts for now. I hope you enjoyed the Companies Tony Loves series.


In the next month, I plan to put these posts together in an edited, professionally-printed form. With the assistance of Lulu, I'll publish the whole collection and make it available at a reasonable price (say $5). I'll update you on this project when I make it available.

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