Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Political allegiance through pictures

This week is Picture Week on This Young Economist. Every post tells a story, and every story begins with a picture.

Here's a picture I created using my Facebook account:

I used a Facebook application called Obama-ize yourself to create the image. And, if you have a Facebook account, you can too. Yes, you can.

But, there's something about this that concerns me. I mean... There's a Facebook application that allows you to show your allegiance to a sitting President, merely by adding some blue and red hues.

Moreover, I think this shows the power of Obama's political campaign. It is adaptable and customizable in a way that relates to almost everyone. During the campaign, there was something about Obama that got people excited, and I think it shows in his brand (and his Facebook applications).

Despite the political undertones and hint of propaganda, I like the Facebook application. It is fun, and it can help ordinary Americans connect to a political figure in a new, previously unimagined way. Best of all, if you are unwilling to "Obama-ize" yourself, you can always make the opposite political statement.

For example:

A question to the readers: If you could create an "Obama-ized" picture, what would your tagline read?

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