Monday, August 17, 2009

Tales of a houseplant: Bob has a friend

Previously, I wrote two metaphoric posts (I and II) about our houseplant, Bob. It has been a while since I have written about Bob because he's been healthy, happy and cheery. There haven't been any terrifying incidents to report.

Now, we have reason to give a Bob update: Bob has a friend:

We picked up that beautiful bouquet in preparation for family visitors. We named her May. She definitely cheers up our apartment. Plus, as you can see from the pictures, Bob is doing great. He's got all sorts of new growth, and he seems happy to have some company on our dining room table.

You may (ha!) be wondering: Where's the economics in all of this? As you can see, May is a cut bouquet. As such, she will whither and die soon. On the other hand, Bob has been with us since last November. Without consulting a price guide, do you care to guess the relative prices of the two types of household foliage?

I'll reveal the answer in a future post on the topic, but for now, I'd like to see what the readers think.

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