Sunday, August 30, 2009

Unemployment Week

The unemployment rate is almost surely going to rise above 10 percent if not this year, next year. Looking for a job in the United States has not been this difficult in a long time. The unemployment rate is on everyone's mind, and for good reason. The unemployment rate tells us a great deal about the health of our macroeconomy.

Because of its centrality to public debate on economics, I am writing about unemployment this week. Here's a roadmap for the posts this week, which is subject to change:

Sunday: What is the unemployment rate, anyway?
Monday: Human capital and unemployment.
Tuesday: Unemployment and "idle resources."
Wednesday: Structural, frictional, and cyclical unemployment.
Thursday: How do mandatory employee rights affect unemployment?
Friday: Unemployment and health care

Please come back to check out my thoughts on these topics.

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