Friday, December 11, 2009

Poll: How many tournaments will Tiger golf this year?

Until his recent announcement that he would postpone golfing professionally indefinitely, there was plenty of speculation about what Tiger's recent family problems would do to his golf game. Greg Mankiw even linked to a discussion of the income and substitution effects on Tiger's golf game.

As of right now, it's up in the air, but that makes it an interesting poll question for this week.

How many tournaments will Tiger golf this year?

(a) None. He will turn into the ultimate family man.
(b) A few near the end of the year, but he has fallen hard and fast.
(c) Almost all of them. Once Elin leaves him, he will pour his anguish into golf.

As always, vote early and often (and on the sidebar --->). The poll will be open for a week. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.


  1. Tony
    He won't golf at all. No one will golf anywhere. Golf isn't a verb. Many will play golf just as many will play tennis. No one will tennis either. Picking at a personal nit.


  2. Thanks for the nitpick, Fletch. I suppose I use my common terminology for playing the game of golf. In my world, "golfing" is the same as "playing golf."

    I think that in a technical English usage sense, you are right. Nevertheless, seems to agree with my use of the word "golf" as a verb (maybe the dictionary succumbed to common usage of the word).

  3. Final Tally:

    7 said None
    8 said A Few
    5 said Almost all

    FYI: I saw his apology on YouTube, and I agree. The media circus has gotten out of hand. Tiger's domestic issues are between him and Elin. I am happy he apologized to the kids who look up to him.


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