Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poll: Is it a good idea to print national championship gear prior to playing the game?

Last night, the evening news ran a story about my rival's football team. The Montana Grizzlies played in the national championship game against the Villanova Wildcats last night. A local apparel store, Universal Athletics, printed National Championship memorabilia prior to the game. Here's the same news station's report this morning:
It looks like one clothing company in Missoula is out thousands of dollars for printing championship gear ahead of the game.

Universal Athletics in the Southgate Mall already has 250 pieces of Griz gear in stock, proclaiming the Griz the 2009 National Champions.

Because the company took the gamble, the store will lose some to $3,000 to $4,000. Last year, it lost several thousand dollars when it also made the gear and then the team lost.
It happened again this year. Villanova beat the Grizzlies 23-21 last night. And, just like last year, the presumptuous move by Universal Athletic stores throughout Montana is going to be costly once again.

Now, that the Grizzlies happened to lose doesn't mean that the early printing is a bad business move. Good businesses take risks, and often reap the rewards when those risks pay off. But, given a $3000-$4000 expense, you have to wonder whether the potential upside is worth it.

In the spirit of in-state rivalry, here's this week's poll question:

Was printing national championship gear prior to the national championship game a good risk?


As with all polls, this one will be open for a week. Please vote early and often. Tell your rivals, your friends, your fans, and your local sports apparel store owners to vote. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.

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