Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poll: Which two countries would you take in the winter Olympics?

A couple of professors I know made a bet over which two countries would garner the most medals (not just gold medals) in this year's Winter Olympics.

Professor 1 bet on The United States and Canada
Professor 2 bet on Germany and Austria

At current tally, Prof 1 leads Prof 2 by a margin of 28 to 18. Professor 1 told me that he thought he had a chance to win with the U.S. and Canada this year because the new Olympic sports (i.e., the Halfpipe and kindred events) tend to favor the United States. That said, the race isn't over yet. Germany and Austria are traditional powerhouses in the Winter Olympics, and there is still over a week left in the Olympics.

So, I'm going to make it my poll this week (with a couple of additional pairings thrown in), but I'm going to eliminate the starting advantage that the U.S. and Canada currently have. Instead of making the poll about the entire Olympic Games, I want to know how you think these pairings will do for the remainder of the Olympics.

Which pair of countries do you think will win the most medals FROM FEB 20 to THE END OF THE GAMES?

The United States and Canada (current tally 28)
Germany and Austria (current tally 18)
Russia and the United States (current tally 25)
Norway and France (current tally 17)

The poll is open for about a week (on the sidebar --->), and you are welcome to post any write in candidates in the comments. Vote early and often. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.

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  1. Your votes:

    U.S. and Canada: 11
    Germany and Austria: 14
    U.S. and Russia: 5
    Norway and France: 3


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