Saturday, April 24, 2010

Teaching or Research: Which is more important?

As part of my graduate program in economics, I have a teaching requirement: At least 5 quarters of teaching assistance while I pursue my Ph.D. This is a relatively new requirement, and it isn't especially burdensome for the average student.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have a significant research requirement: A dissertation that not only produces original research, but also sets an agenda for our future research as young economists.

If it isn't clear from the description, I think it is fair to say that my program puts more weight on research than on teaching. This isn't uncommon for Ph.D. programs in economics, but it raises a question, which is the poll question of the week:

How much weight should be put on teaching in a Ph.D. program in economics?

(a) 0 percent
(b) 10 percent
(c) 30 percent
(d) 50 percent
(e) more than 50 percent

That's the poll. Vote early and often, and tell your students and professors to vote. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.

1 comment:

  1. 2 said "0 percent"
    12 said "10 percent"
    8 said "30 percent"
    4 said "50 percent"
    3 said "> 50 percent"


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