Sunday, June 27, 2010

Follow up: Examples of Different Types of Advertising

Last Wednesday, I wrote about different types of advertising: informative, signaling, and complementary goods. Just for fun, I dug up some examples of the different types of advertising.

Under informative (to the extreme), here's a clip from The Invention of Lying (click through because embedding is disabled on the video). My favorite quote: "It's Coke, very famous. Everyone knows it. I'm Bob. I work for Coke, and I'm asking you to not stop buying Coke."

This next one is a pure signaling advertisement.

The signal is supposed to be, "We are so good at managing money that we can waste two million on a commercial." To me, it seems like they sent a different signal: "We waste money and would like to manage yours." Yet, E-trade seems to have passed the market test. They're still around while the many other businesses that popped up around 2000 are not. Maybe the advertising worked

Next up, here's an obvious example of a commercial that is a complementary good.

Ironically, the Bud Light Tailgate Companion is itself an advertisement for Bud Light, and this commercial is an advertisement for the Tailgate Companion. Bud Light is actually charging a positive price for some of its advertisements (just like Nike does by putting a swoosh on every product).

Here's a commercial that is harder to classify:

It isn't exactly informative, and the signal isn't clear. But, Friskies spent loads of money on that advertising campaign. Do you think it works? If so, what about this commercial increases demand for Friskies? I'd like to know.

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  1. Given you're talking about these commercials, and we're watching them, they were probably good, as far as the company is concerned..


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