Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poll: Do you remember Jamiroquai?

I saw this video linked on Jeff Ely's Sordid Links (via BoingBoing), and I couldn't resist linking to it.

Apparently, in all this virtual insanity, Jamiroquai is still kicking out albums and commercials (for an update on latest projects, see the Wikipedia article). It is too bad that their commercials resemble the LOST character Charlie's commercials.

I have my Jamiroquai CD somewhere in my pile of stuff. In high school, I loved their songs Virtual Insanity, Alright, and Deeper Underground. Now, I wonder what I was thinking.

That brings me to my poll of the week.

Do you remember Jamiroquai?

(a) Of course!
(b) I'm trying to forget
(c) They seem oddly familiar
(d) No

As with all polls, this one is open for a week and needs your input. Please tell your friends to vote. If there is someone you haven't talked with since the 1990s, this could be a good ice breaker. And, after you break the ice, tell them to vote on this poll. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.

1 comment:

  1. Final Tally:

    12 said "Of Course!"
    4 said "Trying to forget"
    10 said "Oddly familiar"
    5 said "No"


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