Friday, July 30, 2010

Poll: How much of your own move do you do yourself?

We moved to a new apartment this week. Being just one economist, there is no way that I could move all of our stuff by myself (related sidenote: somehow, I have accumulated 3 large boxes of books). I considered asking my friends -- most of whom also study economics -- to help with the move, but I feared that we would end up talking about foregone opportunities and forgo the moving. So, we hired movers.

I called a couple of moving companies around Chicago. Both cited rates of around $100 / hour for three men and a truck. For our apartment, they moved our stuff in only 4 hours. Not bad for 57 boxes and an estimated 3000 pounds of stuff. It was well worth it to only do the packing and unpacking.

On the day of the move, the foreman of the moving team told me about all of the crazy things that people have his moving company do. For example, he lamented about the customers who don't do a thing to prepare, just having the moving company do the packing, moving and unpacking. My first impression on hearing the man talk about these people who have the moving company do all the moving was to agree. To me, it seemed strange that someone would pay $100 / hour (plus the cost of materials) for the packing stage of moving.

But, the more I thought about it, the more my mind turned up reasons for someone to pay for packing. Maybe the customer was not physically able to handle strenuous exercise. Maybe the customer's time was really valuable (i.e., several days loading boxes would cause him/her to forgo $10,000 in income). Then again, maybe not. That brings me to my poll question:

How much work would you put into your own move?

(a) I'd do the whole move myself with a few friends.
(b) I'd move everything except for heavy furniture
(c) Just the packing. Leave the moving to the professionals.
(d) None. That's what movers are for.

For concreteness, imagine that the move is just across town (so if you did the move yourself, you could make multiple trips). FYI: Our move was somewhere between (b) and (c). I moved about 10 boxes on my own, but for the most part, left the moving to the professionals.

As always, vote early, often and on the sidebar. Tell your friends and moving professionals to vote. But, the poll is only open for a week, so get your mouse moving to the sidebar to select your favorite option. I'm interested in seeing what you have to say.

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  1. Results.

    All of it: 5
    All but the heavy furniture: 9
    Just the packing: 5
    None: 2


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