Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poll: What will be the effect of .xxx domains?

Daniel Hamermesh at Freakonomics wrote an interesting comment on the welfare implications of requiring .xxx domains for pornography sites:
It would improve consumers’ welfare if all porn sites were to use the .xxx suffix: Those customers who want to see porn sites could find them even more readily; those who don’t (and parents) could filter them out more easily. I’m not sure porn purveyors would be better off, though: Perhaps they imagine that some potential customers who might otherwise be ensnared into entering porn sites and purchasing wouldn’t find and enter the .xxx sites. If given the choice, will managers of porn sites want to use these domain names? If they believe the ensnarement argument, it would be a bad strategy for them to adopt the .xxx suffix.
Without offering too much comment, that brings me to the poll question of the week:

What will be the effect of .xxx domains?

(a) No effect
(b) Porn profits will decrease
(c) It will be easier to search for porn
(d) Porn profits will increase

As with all polls, this one is open for a week. So, vote early and often (and on the sidebar). Tell your friends to vote, and please don't filter this poll from your children. Unlike .xxx domains, it is appropriate for all ages.


  1. 9 said "none"
    2 said "porn profits decrease"
    1 said "porn profits increase"
    2 said "easier to search"

    I side with the majority here.

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