Friday, September 24, 2010

An Amusing YouTube Feature

YouTube provides its users with a wealth of information about how the video is being viewed. Video creators have access to demographics of viewers, the attention span of viewers (relative to other videos of the same length), information on how the users found the video, counts by country and region among other information.

Recently, I noticed another feature that would be especially useful for someone who receives thousands of comments: visual comment clouds. These comment clouds are a presentation of the most used words that viewers put into comments on the video, but the words' sizes are in proportion to their frequency of use. For users who gets thousands of comments, this is probably a really efficient way to understand the impact their videos had on the audience.

I get plenty of comments on my YouTube channel, but not nearly as many as some of the main YouTubers. Despite having comments in the 10s rather than the thousands, my top five videos have some interesting/amusing comment clouds that I thought would be fun to share:

1. My most popular video on Marginal Rate of Substitution has this comment cloud:

2. My video on Cost Minimization using calculus has this comment cloud:

3. My video on Income and Substitution Effects has this one:

4. My video on Budget Constraints and Utility Maximization has this comment cloud:

5. Finally, my video on the Slutsky Equation has this cloud:

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