Monday, October 4, 2010

Type "A" versus Type "B"

Robin Hanson has an interesting description of two types of people, saying:
I’m about to describe two types of people, A vs. B. While reading their descriptions I want you to think about which people around you are more like type A or B. Also ask yourself: which type do you respect more? Which would you rather be?
I found myself identifying with each type of person, seeing both "types of people" in myself and my loved ones. For example, I think it is a good attribute to be polite (Type B attribute), but it is also important speak your mind (Type A attribute). Another example, being less envious can be good (Type B attribute), but so can being open-minded about different viewpoints and lifestyles (Type A attribute).

I'm not sure it is a clean split between different types of people, but it is an interesting split between different modes of thought. Regardless of which type of person you are, it's worth clicking through to ponder the post for a bit.

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