Monday, December 20, 2010

Net Neutrality: DeFranco Edition

Here is a video of one of my favorite YouTube personalities on the topic of net neutrality. Forgive the provocative screen capture. He does that to draw attention to his videos.* The video isn't provocative in that way,** but it should get you thinking.

The first two and a half minutes are on net neutrality, and being someone whose livelihood stems from free-at-the-margin internet, he has an interesting perspective.


*Note: Obsession with images like this one is one thing that drives me crazy (maybe just about YouTube culture). It reminds me of my high school Boys State experience when I spent a week as a part of a mock state legislature. I went into this experience hoping to learn about the political process and I had the expectation that the guys who sounded the most sincere or persuasive would "win office." It turned out that the boys who put up the most pictures of Britney Spears were most likely to win office.

**Update: The video snapshot was changed since I originally posted this. It used to be a seductive picture. Now, it is more appropriate (a kid who looks upset). Beware. He might change it again.

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