Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pictures of Weight Loss

It has been about a month since I have provided an update on my weight loss. In case you are interested, here's another update.... this time, using pictures.

In my last update, I said how actively tracking my weight in a spreadsheet has been useful for me. For you data mongers out there, here's a plot of my weights over the last few months.

Because weights bounce around a lot by day, I used a scatterplot to group my recorded weights by week. I think it provides a nice picture of how the diet has gone.

To deal with the daily volatility of weights, I have also been tracking something I call my "smoothed weight," which is the average of my last five recorded weights. Here's that plot:

One thing to note: I hard coded my goal of 190 into these plots. Just like the time countdown on the elliptical machine, this gives me more motivation to keep working at it. When I record my weights, I am forced to recognize that I have plenty more to accomplish. For whatever reason, it works to keep me motivated.

I like the numbers, but a more important summary of my progress has been captured on my YouTube channel. Here are three screen captures (of me from the same unflattering camera angle) from videos I recorded during the course of my weight loss regimen.

Finally, Ian Ayres public (and financial) commitment to stay under 185 lbs seems to be going well (even past Thanksgiving). His Twitter weight has held steady.

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