Friday, December 3, 2010

Tony's BCS Championship Tournament: 2010-2011 Edition

I like college football, but I could like major college football a lot more if they had a more reasonable championship tournament at the end of the year. The current system selects the "best" two teams for a one-game playoff to determine the national championship. This creates a lot of controversy because more than two teams usually have a claim on being the "best" by the end of the regular season.

Some bowl supporters claim that the current system is good for college football because it makes the regular season more relevant for the top teams. One loss and you're out of contention for the national title. At the very top (as long as you have no losses thus far), that might be true, but what happens once a good team loses a game? Is the regular season as important as it was anymore? When the competition is tough, it's not so clear to me.

And, then there's the team that hasn't lost, but because it doesn't play in the toughest conference, it isn't ranked among the top two. Do they deserve to be in the top two at the end of the regular season? Probably not. But, do they deserve to have a chance to play one of those "best" two? I think so. Such a game would attract a lot of media attention. Finally, what about the regular season drama for the teams that have to go undefeated just to be noticed? Is that drama gone if we expand the playoff? Not if the playoff tournament is small enough.

The way I see it, there's plenty of drama and regular season pressure to go around in a 6-team format. To show what my tournament would look like, I redrafted my 6-team bracket from last year to incorporate the top 6 teams in the BCS standings.

Here's what my bracket looks like:

Wouldn't this be interesting? I especially like the first-round matchup between the "little sister" TCU and Ohio State. I would definitely watch that game .... if it actually mattered who emerged victorious.

At least, there is still the Division I Football Championship Subdivision where there is an exciting 20-team championship tournament to determine the national champion. That why, instead of watching some silly conference championship game, I'll be watching some football playoffs this Saturday.*

*I will just watch the highlights of the SEC championship game to find out who won (so I know whether I need to update my hypothetical bracket).

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