Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Should I return to face the music? What about now?

A friend of mine e-mailed me a link to this article on the Ohio State Inkgate suspensions. Here's the quote he forwarded:
Tressel said he impressed the seriousness of the suspensions on the five players by threatening to leave them back in Columbus unless each promised to return next season and face the music. Pryor repeated his intention to do just that seconds after the game, saying, "We made dumb mistakes two years ago, the NCAA had to do their job.
My response? "Interesting. I wonder if Tressel understands subgame perfect Nash equilibrium. Time will tell."

Before the game, the players had every interest to promise to return next season. After the game is over, however, Tressel can only use good old-fashioned guilt to sway the players' decisions. To rephrase my response to my friend, is the guilt enough to keep them from going back on their promise? Time will tell.

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