Saturday, February 12, 2011

Highlights of Reading This Week

As it is midterm time, I have been doing a lot of reading (and grading), but not much writing. Here are two links/excerpts of the most interesting things I have read this week:

The Annals of Taxation:
I’m lecturing at the University of Essex and going from office to office chatting with people about their research. This is hard physical labor — I repeatedly go down one or two flights of stairs in this rabbit warren, walk down a hall, up the stairs in the adjoining building, then back down another hall. What a waste — why?
Click through to find out.

Via Greg Mankiw, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. The concluding paragraph:
Bashing piƱatas labeled China, banks and corporations may allow us to vent and politicians to preen, but it is generally not helpful. The familiar political refrain on both sides of the aisle of “jobs, jobs, jobs” is misleading, disingenuous, hollow, and likely injurious to the long-run health of the nation. Serious situations demand more serious thought and rhetoric.

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