Thursday, April 21, 2011

iPad: Destroyer of American Jobs

The iPad is responsible for destroying thousands of American jobs according to Jesse Jackson, Jr:

I came across this video clip from a post by Jodi Beggs and I am encouraged that (as of right now) 589 dislikes > 152 likes on the video... though I am a little concerned that 152 people would like this.

What's Jodi's point? Conceding that Jackson is right that the iPad has destroyed the valuable paper-based industries in America, the iPad is also responsible for creating thousands of American jobs in other industries. It just changes those job titles from "Borders employee" to "Apple employee." I agree.*

Here's another thought to ponder. If the iPad has destroyed all of these paper-based jobs, can you imagine what would happen if the iPencil came along and made pencils obsolete? Imagine the legions of unemployed if that were to happen.**

* I also agree with her point about retraining individuals whose skills become obsolete due to rapid technological change... though I wonder how much retraining is really necessary to go from bookstore clerk to Apple Store salesperson or Best Buy geek.

** I love having an excuse to link to I, Pencil.

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  1. Aren't you glad that there was no one around to lobby on behalf of unemployed horses when the Model T came out?


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