Monday, July 18, 2011

A Click Worth 24 Cents

I received a rather puzzling e-mail from Netflix today. Here is the text:

We're sorry you had trouble watching instantly

Recently you may have had trouble instantly watching movies or TV episodes due to a technical issue on our end.

We are sorry for the inconvenLinkience this may have caused. If you attempted and were unable to instantly watch TV episodes or movies yesterday, click on this account specific link in the next 7 days to apply your 3% credit to your next billing statement. Credit can only be applied once.

Ready to start watching again? Browse our selection.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. If you need further assistance, please call us ....

It's true. I had trouble watching instantly yesterday, but I wasn't expecting Netflix to apologize for it. How generous of them to be giving me 3% back on my $7.99 monthly subscription.

Update: In case you think that this is a new policy, here is a forum discussion on exactly the same topic from about 3 months ago at the widely respected forum Shroomery.

Update 2: Also, three months ago. An interesting discussion of Netflix customer service. For some reason, the people at the Motley Fool used the same language as I did. I just realized they wrote about this. I'm ... puzzled. But, the e-mail is truly puzzling.


  1. This comes right on the heels of their new pricing structure, raising rates more than 60% on some of their products... I smell foul play.

  2. I too received this e-mail from Netflix (and have several other times in the past as well). As far as I remember, I didn't try to stream anything on the day in question, but was sent the e-mail anyway, bringing about an interesting scenario. The credit may only be 3% but of those who get the e-mail, who ISN'T going to click regardless of whether or not they had issues? It is puzzling indeed.


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