Friday, July 29, 2011

The Learn Microeconomics Tab

Not long ago, I discovered that Blogger added tabs and pages to its list of features. I was elated to try this out because I wanted to have a place with links to all of my YouTube videos (in an outline form, with the logical structure). Hence, the Learn Microeconomics tab on this blog was born (and you can find a pretty good outline for a basic microeconomics course under that tab). Maybe you noticed it already?

Today, I added a new section to this outline of topics: Blog Articles Related to Microeconomics, where I link to articles I write on this blog about basic microeconomics. As I often blog about how basic microeconomics applies to real-world situation, this new feature will give these posts a permanent and easily-searchable home.

In case you're interested, here is the list of past posts I selected to put under this section. As I write more microeconomics-course-relevant posts, I will link more articles in this section. My hope is that this new feature will be useful to economics students as a learning tool.

Netflix Economics II: The difference between free and fee. Imperfect Competition.
Children: Normal or Inferior? Consumer Theory.
Negative Exernalities in Picture Form. Market Failure.
A First Lesson on Producer Theory. Producer Theory.
Commitment. Game Theory.
Subgame Perfect? Not bad. Game Theory.
An example of price discrimination (Costco). Pricing.
Why online education won't replace classroom education. General.
Preferences and Economics Nobel Rankings. Consumer Theory.
Price Discrimination and Car Rentals. Pricing.
When does it pay to burn money? Game Theory.
Pondering complements. Consumer Theory.
Price Discrimination Everywhere: Baseball Edition. Pricing.
What does economics say about setting a price? Pricing.
Why rising house prices and rising home prices are different. Endowment Economies
What is math? General.
Diamonds and Water. Welfare Analysis.


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