Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Year of YouTube Partnership

One year ago today, I became a YouTube partner. Here is how the last year has gone in terms of video views per day on my YouTube channel.

The most striking thing about the graph to me is how easy it is to tell when it is summer.


  1. Tony, would you mind sharing how much YouTube compensates you for being a partner?

  2. I'll give you an idea without giving you too much private information.

    In terms of first-world standards, it's not a whole lot. It depends on traffic, but I can count on a dollar per day (often more, rarely less).

  3. Moreover, my videos are wildly unpopular compared with some of the top YouTube channels. Phillip DeFranco, for example, gets over a million views per video and he posts 3 or more videos per week. I have had a total of 650,000 views in two years of YouTube.

  4. Keep up with the good work. I am a junior majoring in computer engineering, and I had great interest in Economics/Finance. Currently, I am taking intermediate microecon, and found it not challenging in terms of math, but rather challenging with respect to the intuition behind the theories. Your videos help alot with this aspect. Democratize education is the future!


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