Thursday, October 11, 2012

Number 48

Starting today, you'll notice this cool logo on my sidebar.

  Top Economics Site

Today, I was informed that This Young Economist has been named one of the Top 100 Sites for Enlightened Economists -- right alongside my favorite econ blog, and some others you might have read.

Here's what they say about the blog.
This Young Economist presents the (generally left-leaning) economic insights of grad student of economics. In addition to his microeconomic analysis, he presents an incredibly useful list of educational videos on a wide variety on economic topics.
I much appreciate the reference to my YouTube video collection, but I didn't realize that I generally lean left.   This is a little ironic, given that the post that they chose to highlight is one in which I favorably quote John Cochrane.  At any rate, it is nice to know people are reading.


In the interest of balance, if you came to my blog from the Top 100 Sites for Enlightened Economists, check out my friend Ryan's blog.  He's not on the list, but he has interesting stuff.  I think he is generally right-leaning, but you can be the judge.

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