Sunday, September 8, 2013

Attention by Country to an EduEcon YouTube Channel

About a year ago, YouTube added an interesting feature for people who upload videos -- it started reporting to uploaders how much time people spent watching their videos.  Don't worry.  These are aggregate statistics.  From these statistics, I still can't pinpoint your viewing habits too closely as a content provider, but there is an interesting depth to the amount of information.

For example, YouTube reports the total and average watch time by country of viewership.  From my YouTube channel's views, there are some interesting patterns.  There are 24 countries where people watched at least 10,000 minutes of my channel's videos.  Restricting to these 24 countries (to reduce statistical anomalies), the five nations that paid the most attention to my videos are:

1. Jamaica (47.6% of video length)
2. Sweden (46.6%)
3. Portugal (46.2%) 
4. United Kingdom (44.4%)
T5. Australia and New Zealand (43.9%)

The five nations that paid the least attention to my videos are:

1. Turkey (33.7%)
2. India (35.3%)
3. Malaysia (35.6%)
4. Spain (38.1%)
5. Hong Kong (38.5%)

What can account for such differences in attention?  Based on the countries that showed up in these lists, I have several ideas, but before I reveal these, I would like to see what you -- the reader -- think.  One thing that jumps out at me is that the United States, my home country, is not in the top five (or the bottom five for that matter).

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