Friday, September 13, 2013

"... but thinking makes it so."

Last week, on my parents' first trip to visit us in Colorado, my parents brought a car full of my old stuff that I have done without for the last 5+ years: Trophies, certificates of achievement, pictures from camp, books that I bought and never read, my baseball card collection, etc.  With the CU-Boulder campus closed today, this was a good day to start going through that stuff.  It is an interesting walk down memory lane.

In the midst of the trophies and memorabilia, I found a journal that was empty except for one page, and on that page, there was a handwritten poem that I had written when I was in high school.  In case you're interested in what Teenage Tony had to say, here is a picture and the text from that poem.

Some say happiness is like a butterfly
fluttering in the sky above.
Some see life as a pesky moth, 
which makes everything tattered and rough.
These two divisions of humanity
share a common thread,
though one sees joy, life and excitement, 
while the other wishes he were dead.
What is common among all walks of life
is the determination of their destiny.
The direction of thought that one begins 
has the power to chain or set free.
Freedom lies in optimism
and a smile on your face.
Slavery bears the shackles 
of derogatory thoughts and distaste.
Bad or good do not exist
except for in sacred thought,
and eternity will continue on
as good and bad are forgot.

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