Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween: The Coordination Game

This thought occurred to me while waiting for the neighborhood children to start Trick-or-Treating.  When to start Trick-or-Treating is a coordination game of sorts.  It is no fun to be the only people on your block ringing random doorbells.  But, this is true of everyone.  So, starting from the status quo when no one has gone outside, how do we get to the scenario when the neighborhood is packed with princesses, frogs, counts, and woodland fairies?

One possibility is to announce when everyone should start, but that's not how it seems to happen.  Upon observing the neighbors, the start of it happens gradually.  A princess sits on her front porch, hoping to attract other Halloween revelers.  Then, a count timidly poses for a picture in his parent's driveway.  Then, the floodgates open, and Halloween begins!

Speaking of that, the doorbell just rang.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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